Community Technology Solutions

Serving Residential & Business IT Computing Needs

Working for the community is our responsibility. LBS Computing & Associates is a full service IT group committed to providing friendly and affordable computing solutions for business and residential environments.

We offer our compassionate helping hands apt to design, repair, and teach to give you an elevated overall confidence into using your computing equipment. Technology is constantly changing, and we are here to help with the confusion of the technical world.

Computers and electronics can be overwhelming, and many people are uneducated about them. Our mission is to help you understand and feel more comfortable using computers and other electronic equipment. We offer repair services, maintenance services, management services, and design services. LBS Computing & Associates are experienced professionals with years of industry experience complimenting each others individual area of skill.

Customer service is forefront along with our creative & technical ability contributing to the compassionate way we take care of our clients. Our technical experience includes servicing residential in-home personal computer systems and networks as well as large and small companies ranging from call centers, customer service, computer repair, network administration, IT management, and creative services. Our education is wide including Bachelors of Arts and Science degrees with concentrations such as English, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Programming, and Web Design. Technical certifications such as A+, MCSE, Dell, Compaq, and telephony certificates also line our portfolio. Detailed resumes are avilable upon request.

We are located within the Detroit Metro are and service the southeastern area of Michigan with the functionality to reach the global community given today's communications technology. We like to help where we can anywhere help is requested.

Please call or email any service needs or questions you have. The online contact page is specifically designed to submit a request and receive a quick response. We are here to resolve or help you find the right people to give you the solutions you need.

Community Information Technology Solutions